A new “green” window for better insulation, more light and a more beautiful facade

The VT Window is based on a technology that allows the glass surface in a window unit to be made larger and the frame much slimmer – or nearly redundant. It creates better insulation, more light and often a cleaner and more beautiful facade.


A new technology for the good of our environment

Vågå Teknikk AS has developed a concept where a multi-layered double-glazed window can be attached to the frame with one or more bands. The band is tightly strapped, so it does not only carry the weight of the glass but a defined outer vertical load on the window as well. The bands are anchored to the frame and support the glass by metal corner brackets. We’ll end up with a self-supporting suspension that may reduce the width of the window frame considerably. The frame is thermally the weakest link on a window.


The U-Value* of the best multi-layered glasses goes all the way down to about 0.3 W/m2k, while wooden frames and frames made from other materials have a U-Value of 1.5 to 1.7 W/m2k or more. This means that the larger the glass surface and the slimmer the frame, the better the window will thermally insulate, lowering the flow of heat going in or outthrough the window. Additional benefits include getting more light and a cleaner and more beautiful facade.

*The U-Value is described as the amount of thermal power that go past an object in relation to the surface and a difference in temperature of one degree Celsius. The lower the U-Value the better the thermal insulation.

  • A lower and better U-Value
  • Less heat going out through the window on colder days
  • Less heat coming in through the window on warmer days
  • A larger glass surface than before in relation to the window size
  • A slimmer frame 
  • Looks cleaner and better than windows with thicker frames

A band encircling the glass unit carries the unit, and makes up for a self-supporting suspension that does not require a strong frame

“Springy” strapped brackets in each corner transfer power from the band to the glass unit and vice versa


The encircling bands are connected directly to the hinge fittings with a screw

The forces are transferred through the suspension system

Read about Vågå’s new “green” window technology in the trade journal Glass & Fasade

During the restoration of an old barn, the folks at Vågå Teknikk AS got an idea. The barn’s small windows would be kept and customized windows with thin conventional frames were installed. Using slim frames that didn’t “steal” the light got them thinking. Why do today’s window frames have to be so wide?


The window is tested at Scandinavian test institutes and is patented in the UK. A patent has been applied for in the EU and countries in other world regions as well. If you have any suggestions or queries about the VT Window, the technology or Vågå Teknikk AS feel free to contact us!

Roald Pedersen
E-mail: roald@vagateknikk.no
Tel: 0047 481 00 636

The Norwegian "Grønn framtid Innlandet" has approved the project and contributes to the development of the concept.

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